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Michelle Hill Dog Training Academy

Helping Paws to Help Us

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Service Dog Trainer, Certified Dog Behavioral Consultant, Blogger, Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Certified Service Dog Coach working with owner trainers to help them reach their goals to have a top-quality Service Dog that helps them get back to living an independent life.


I also work with Therapists to learn how to use Animal Assisted Play in their therapy practices and therapy dog teams to earn their certifications.

I have taken an oath to not use Shock, Prong, Choke, Pain, Force or Fear in my training practices when I joined and by maintaining my membership with the Pet Professionals Guild.  

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Have a new puppy or a rescue that is having problems with potty training?  I've shared all the tips and tricks I've learned over the 15 years that I've been training.  Let me guide you to making your potty training experience less stressful.  


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Service Dog Program

Through weekly sessions lasting 18-24 months, you will learn how to train your dog while also developing your dog's behaviors, alerts, and responsibilities. Your needs are going to change throughout your life and this curriculum will enable you to learn how to teach other tasks as you need them.

Private Coaching

For advanced training of obedience and behavior modification, private coaching will include in-home training weekly as well as additional resources for extra training tips and assistance during business hours when needed.

Service Dog Etiquette For Businesses

I can help educate your staff on how to interact with service dog handlers, as well as inform them of what they are allowed to ask by law.

Behavioral Consultation

Video Call with me so I can observe your dog's behavior in the home environment and speak about the challenges you are facing. We can plan out a strategy for training and help make your house less stressful for you and your dog.

Animal Assisted Therapy

For Therapists that would like to learn to use their dogs in Animal Assisted Play Therapy during counseling services, our program will teach both human and canine training basics during weekly sessions, with access to extra training help.

Phone Consultation Session

Unsure of what you might need? Speak with me over the phone to discuss any behavioral issues or training services that you might need.

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Karen Vinson & Kiera SDiT

"Michelle is an awesome trainer and I highly recommend her. She’s very patient and calm, but most of all, very knowledgeable. We look forward to every session!"


Dani Huskey & Gus Mobility SD

"Michelle is amazing! She is our 2nd trainer, and I’m so thankful we found her!! She is professional, tries to be flexible, and loves what she does....and it shows!

I would highly recommend her!!"


Steve Rerucha & Sam Therapy Dog

“Michelle is an awesome trainer and individual. Sam and I have been training with Michelle for a year now and despite current obstacles to training, Michelle has found a way to help us stay on track with our training. She is always available to answer questions and help us with any problems that arise. Her knowledge of dogs and training is extensive and she always has a plan to help. When we were quarantined last spring and summer Michelle started us trick dog training and that was and continues to be so much fun and very rewarding. We have had Zoom Calls, classes online, text messages, and phone calls to help in our training. Michelle is also active in training service dogs for our veterans. I would highly recommend Michelle as a trainer without any hesitation.”

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