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The Dog Trainer Girl

Service Dog Trainer, Certified Dog Behavioral Consultant, Blogger, Professional Dog Trainer

Certified Service Dog Coach working with owner trainers to help them reach their goals to have a top-quality Service Dog that helps them get back to living an independent life.


I also work with Therapists to learn how to use Animal Assisted Play in their therapy practices and therapy dog teams to earn their certifications.

I have taken an oath to not use Shock, Prong, Choke, Pain, Force or Fear in my training practices when I joined and by maintaining my membership with the Pet Professionals Guid.  

Viewpoints from a trainer who is also a handler.  I try to bring the realistic points of life with training to light so that people understand they are not alone.  


The Accident...

Trying to overcome trauma & fear


Owner Training Service Dogs

When You NEED Them to Help You


Kids, Puppies & Stress

Oh My...


Canine Insanity 

or Misplaced Instinct That is Making You Pull Your Hair Out


Socializing isnt's just

Make this your own.

Add the content you want.


Joys & Headaches

of Potty Training

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"Michelle is an awesome trainer and I highly recommend her. She’s very patient and calm, but most of all, very knowledgeable. We look forward to every session!"

Karen Vinson

Kiera SDiT

 "Michelle is amazing! She is our 2nd trainer, and I’m so thankful we found her!! She is professional, tries to be flexible, and loves what she does....and it shows!
I would highly recommend her!!"

Dani Huskey
Gus Mobility SD

“Michelle is an awesome trainer and individual. Sam and I have been training with Michelle for a year now and despite current obstacles to training, Michelle has found a way to help us stay on track with our training. She is always available to answer questions and help us with any problems that arise. Her knowledge of dogs and training is extensive and she always has a plan to help. When we were quarantined last spring and summer Michelle started us trick dog training and that was and continues to be so much fun and very rewarding. We have had Zoom Calls, classes online, text messages, and phone calls to help in our training. Michelle is also active in training service dogs for our veterans. I would highly recommend Michelle as a trainer without any hesitation.”

Steve Rerucha

Sam Therapy Dog

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Phone Number: 870-372-6571    /     Email: dog.trainer.girl@gmail.com  

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For Daily Motivation

According to the CDC Social distancing and mask-wearing are the best ways to slow the spread of COVID-19. Therefore until the end of this pandemic, all in-person coaching sessions will be limited to as-needed behaviors. Clients and the Trainer will both wear masks and refrain from exchanging leashes, treats, and/or toys during sessions.

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