Impulse Control what is it?

Well, impulse control is the ability of our dogs to be able to make the decisions to control themselves without us having to micro-manage everything they do. 


We have such busy lives and we have kids and they have school or we have school or both.  Then we have this puppy and the last thing we need is to be running around after this puppy trying to figure out what they have in their mouth.  Or stop them from running out the door every time we opening.  Let's not forget their little mouths that are full of needles and razor blades that likes to bite down on our skin as they try to play with us the way they did with their littermates. 

What about jumping on the counters to see what they can grab.  Or jumping all over you or your kids whenever food is present? Do you have a dog that you dread taking out for a walk because they try to pull your arm out of the socket trying to go after any and everything they smell?

If this sounds familiar then my impulse control class is for you.  


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