This program requires a 14-18 month commitment to 2 lessons a week, one in person and one remotely.  It is not a race to the finish line but it's a steady pace and getting the job done. 
This is a Service Dog Coaching program.  Which means I teach you how to train your dog. You need your dog to do the behaviors and alerts for you, doing them for me will not do you any good. 
Your needs are going to change throughout your life which means that your dog is going to need to be in training for the entirety of their life.  The way that I teach you will enable you to learn how to teach other tasks as you need them.
Service Dog training consists of everything from ADA Law, how-to & when to train your SDiT (don't worry I'll teach you what that means too!) 
Training basics for both humans and canines like Body language, and Marker training.
Potty training
Social Skills
Basic - Advance Obedience
Leash Walking
All the behavior skills needed to pass the following:
Canine Good Citizen 
Offleash training
Public Access Test
Task Skills and Work
Teaching your dog how to use their nose, feet, and/or body to help you with your disability.  
I maintain a Facebook group where I do live group classes once a week as well as a group that is just for building a community for support and like-minded friendship.  
Most service dog program trained dogs cost upwards of $30,000.  I know that is just not something that most people have.  Therefore I charge a fraction of that.  I do have to charge for my time and experience. 
This program is $5000 and is billed as follows: 
$250 deposit that must be paid before any appointments can be made.
$339 a month starting the 1st of the month after the deposit has been paid. 
If you have a dog already a temperament test is required, which is covered in your deposit.  If you would like to pay for the temperament test before paying the deposit it will be $75 and be deducted from your deposit. 
If you need a dog, I will be happy to help you find a dog but the full deposit must be paid, and you are responsible for the cost of the dog but I will do the leg work to find a suitable candidate. 
A Contract is required, and all payments are done on a recurring invoice via PayPal.
The price may vary depending on the level of training and age of the dog. 


According to the CDC Social distancing and mask-wearing are the best ways to slow the spread of COVID-19. Therefore until the end of this pandemic, all in-person coaching sessions will be limited to as needed behaviors. Clients and the Trainer will both wear masks and refrain from exchanging leashes, treats, and/or toys during sessions.

(870) 284-4482

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